Explorer Belt 2022 – The Baltic States

Explorer Belt 2022 – Baltic States

The Explorer Belt is a challenge of a lifetime. It is a chance to take part in a ten-day expedition in the Baltic States that brings you a real understanding of a different country, its culture, and way of life.

This County led expedition enables young people (Be an Explorer Scout aged 16 or over, a Scout Network member*). The ability to explore Northern Europe on the eastern coast of The Baltic Sea allowing the ability to explorer Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania in July/August 2021.*Scout Network members must be registered on Compass to qualify. 

What’s involved: 

Undertake a 10-day expedition as part of a team* with a minimum traveling time of 50 hours over the 10 days, by foot, cycle, horse, canoe, boat or dinghy. The use of public transport is acceptable as part of the traveling time, where opportunities to meet people would otherwise be missed.*Minimum starting number of young people per team is three with a minimum of two per team completing the expedition.

  • Keep a logbook of the expedition which records places visited, the route is taken, project work is undertaken, and personal thoughts.
  • Complete one major project selected by the team which is undertaken throughout the expedition.
  • Complete at least ten minor projects which may be chosen by the team, leadership team, peers, or a mixture of these.
  • Make a presentation including all elements of your award to the assessment panel and other invited guests of your experiences and achievements.

Cost: £1000 

The participant fees will be split into staged payments.

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*Due to the current pandemic with face to face scouting on hold, we are awaiting further advice and guidance from HQ before advertising our assessment day and training weekends. This is also reflected in the participant’s fees with flight uncertainties. 

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If you have any questions, please feel free to email the team
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Author: Chris Lomas

Date: 3 October 2019