Welcome to West Lancs Scouts Training Team.

Within our pages you will find all the information you need about your training:

  • Current Virtual Provision
  • Personal Learning Plan
  • What you have to do….
  • What Training do I need to do?
  • Who is my Local Training Manager?

Currently our training is all virtual but that does not stop you completing your training needs ready for returning to face to face scouting.

Personal Learning Plan

Once you have attended your Appointments meeting, usually with your District Commissioner and some of the district team, you will have a discussion with your Local Training Manager (LTM) who will appoint a Training Advisor (TA).

The TA will contact you and plan an initial meeting.

At this initial meeting you both will create a Personal Leaning Plan (PLP) which will tell you the training you need to fulfil your role.

There will be elements of prior learning taking into consideration and built into the PLP.

You and your TA should plan when you will meet in the future and discuss how you will be validated.

Validation takes place after you have completed some training and put it into practice. The TA will meet with you and discuss the learning and make sure you do not need any further help. This is not a test; it is making sure you have all the tools you need to deliver exciting scouting to young people and make sure you feel confident in your scouting role.

What you have to do….

The following modules need to be completing within the first five months of your appointment:

Safety – To be repeated every three years.

Safeguarding To be repeated every three years.


Module 1 – Essential Information

Module 2 – Personal Learning Plan – Completed with your TA

Module 3 – Tools for the job – Section Leaders

Module 4 – Tools for the job – Managers Trustee Introduction Executive Committee members