Xplode 2021

Well what a great weekend we have had but now it is time to say goodbye and look back on what fun we have had!


Xplode Certificates

Splat has now prepared a certificate for everyone that took part in the Xplode activities:

Friday 22nd Jan

Download and print out Splat, colour him in and stick it in your window for people to see find.
There will be a competition on Saturday to find the most splats in your district.
Welcome Video.

8:00pm – Set up camp.
9:00pm – Plan family winter walk for tomorrow round your fire, be sure to look out for Splat on your journey.
10:00pm – Yoga Jenga

Saturday 23rd Jan

All Day Activities

Morning Activities from our District Youth Commissioners



Plus have a go at some of our challenges:

  • Make a cup of tea on a fire
  • Pick up a cup using a balloon
  • Walk through a piece of paper
  • Blow a book over
  • Drink a cup of water from the wrong side of the cup
  • Write your name using your mouth
  • Drop an egg out a window without it breaking
  • Build a Lego bridge and get your family to pass under it
  • Make the words “West Lancashire” out of household items
  • Build a tower as tall as you
  • Make an edible version of your neckie and / or a campfire


  • 7:00pm – Talent Show A selection of videos xploding all over our social channels

Sunday 24th Jan

West Lancs Scouts is renowned for it’s superb range of international trips.  Although many of these have been postponed, the teams are working hard to ensure we can offer these when it is safe to do so.  The trip organisers have planned a range of activities for you to enjoy this morning and get a flavour of what is on offer in the county.  Don’t forget to share your photos.




Author: Webmaster

Date: 13 December 2020