Mission Possible 2021

What is Mission Possible?

Mission Possible is a month where we as a County will focus on supporting Explorer Scout Young Leaders (YLs) to achieve their missions. These missions are designed to allow you as YLs to put the learning from your modules into practice. By doing so, you will grow in confidence and become and integral part of the leadership team within your Section and Group.

As part of Mission Possible, resources for both YLs and section leaders will be shared to provide support and ideas to help you to complete their missions.

If every section and YL takes part in Mission Possible and completes a mission, then ultimately, we can increase the number of Young Leader Belts that we award and recognise the contribution that you as YLs make in our County.

Who can take part?

Any YL within any section can take part in Mission Possible. It would be great to see every YL in West Lancashire Scouts take part and complete at least one mission as part of Mission Possible.

5 reasons why you should take part!

  1. Athough you can work toward their YL Belt at any time, Mission Possible is a great opportunity to put a lot more emphasis and support towards YLs achieving their missions and encourage people to either start or complete their missions.
  2. Mission Possible is a fantastic opportunity for us to celebrate the excellent contribution our YLs make to Scouting in West Lancashire and reward them for their commitment.
  3. Missions allow you to develop valuable skills for life and allows them to put your skills and knowledge into practice with support from your section leaders.
  4. Mission Possible provides us with the chance to highlight the training and award scheme for YLs.
  5. As a Young Leader, you bring valuable and fresh ideas to your leadership team!

What do you do when you’ve completed a mission?

  • Share what you’ve been up to on your Group and District’s social media channels and email Becca (County Youth Commissioner) any photos so that we can share your ideas with other YLs.
  • Leaders can sign off completed missions in your YLs logbook. Please let your YL Leader know so they can update their records.
  • After each mission is completed, you’ll be awarded a mission strip badge.
  • Once all your training and missions have been completed (and signed off), you will be awarded your YL Belt!!!

Need more information?

For more information on the Explorer Scout Young Leaders Scheme, click here.

Alternatively, you can email any questions to Becca Webster (County Youth Commissioner)!

Author: MarComms

Date: 17 July 2021