Current Readiness Level – RED

*Please note this status is specific to West Lancashire County

What does RED mean?

  • Digital programme delivery
  • No face-to-face activity or meetings
  • No residential activities

What does AMBER mean?

  • Digital programme delivery
  • Restricted size group sessions can take place outdoors and indoors.
  • Activities involving young people: 15 young people plus 5 adults.
  • Scout Network programmed activities: face to face programme activities for members of Scouts who are over 18 is in Red everywhere in England – this means that there can be no face to face section meetings for Network. 
  • Adult activities with no young people present: volunteers over the age of 18 can meet in-line with restrictions in your tier for adults meeting together, to carry out essential volunteering tasks like campsite or building maintenance. 
  • No residential activities

What does YELLOW mean?

  • Digital programme delivery
  • Small group sessions can take place indoors and outdoors
  • No residential activities

What does GREEN mean?

  • All activities can resume in line with government guidance

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Approval Process

Step 1

Group Scout Leader and Chair of the Group Executive check that necessary risk assessment(s) are completed by Section Leaders, informed by volunteers, parents, and young people, control measures are in place and leaders/volunteers are prepared to carry them out.

Step 2

Documents shared with District Commissioner & District
Executive’s (or their nominee) and if all satisfactory, approval
given to re-start face-to-face activity. Risk assessments and
decision to approve recorded.

Step 3

Confirmation passed to County Commissioner or nominee
and a record maintained in a shared database which can be
accessed by both the District and the County.

Step 4

Group Scout Leader informs young people and
parents/carers of section start dates, times and any operating
procedures they need to follow. Parents or carers confirm that
they understand the measures and are happy for their young
person to attend. Face-to-face activities begin (Status: Green).


If you require assistance or are struggling to complete the necessary risk assessments, don’t worry! Your district team will be able to advise you on the best approach.

Message from County Commisioner

Dear All,

By now, I assume that you have seen the latest information from Tim Kidd, UK Chief Commissioner explaining that all face to face meetings, activities, events and camps must be suspended until further notice. This decision was taken following the latest advice from Government and in response to constantly evolving challenges.

Impact on County Events
As a County, we have formed a working group to ensure that we are able to respond in a timely and effective way to the changing situation. Last night, we agreed, in line with guidance, to close Waddecar for the time being. We have also taken the decision to postpone all County Events and Camps, at this point, until the end of June. We have also postponed our training courses and will be looking at ways for people to complete their training virtually.

Additionally, behind the scenes, the County and Districts have started identifying ways in which we can support Scout Groups through this period. We have a number of people with specialist skills who will be available to support with advice and guidance across a number of areas. We will communicate more information about this in the coming weeks but should Scout Groups have any urgent concerns, the GSL/Group Chair should contact the District Commissioner/ District Chair.

Our Major Events Group are monitoring the situation in regards to our overseas programme and will be providing specific advice and guidance to young people and adults involved in County overseas trips.

I do want to be clear, we are postponing events, and not cancelling them. We will get through this, and when we do, Scouting will be needed more than ever to bring people together – our events are a great way of doing that. We now have a little extra time to make them better than ever!

A Scout has courage in all difficulties.
That part of the Scout law has never been so important. Whilst we are suspending face to face activities, we are not suspending Scouting. We must find ways to stay in touch with our young people, to help them through this difficult time, to maintain some normality and to find ways to offer activities remotely. The County Team has already started working on this, and we will be sharing ideas very soon.

We must also remember to stay in touch with our fellow volunteers, particularly those who may be self-isolating and feeling lonely or left-out. Helping other people is an intrinsic part of who we are as Scouts. Whether that’s a friendly phone call, dropping off groceries, picking up a prescription or playing games remotely – as Scouts, we look after each other.

Finally, and most importantly, I want to thank you for your support with these measures, and for all that you do for Scouting.

Best Wishes,

Craig Dewar-Willox
County Commissioner